Words of Wisdom from Tutor Ryan

Manresa Scholars,

Many of you may question the merits of taking classes in the humanities when parents and the media often place so much emphasis upon the hard sciences and swollen bank accounts. After all, the earning potential for the latter is seemingly greater than that of the former, but I posit to you that the benefits you gain from studying the humanities will outweigh your future lack of money.

Below you will find an article entitled “Why Are Hundreds of Harvard Students Studying Ancient Chinese Philosophy?” I hope that this piece will enlighten those of you that dismiss the study of subjects such as English, History and Philosophy as merely a waste of time, as well as allow you to see that the value of a class need not lie in its potential for career advancement. I also hope that Fordham College at Rose Hill and Gabelli School of Business students alike will realize the importance of the humanities within their core classes.

Ryan Gilligan, FCRH 2015  |  Manresa Student Tutor



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