Where will Manresa Scholars go next?

At Manresa, you’ll find a whirlwind of activities every week, and an even wider variety of students. This year’s Manresa students have cultivated a community of intelligence, athleticism, leadership, and outgoing commitments not only because of the new home that has been provided to them, but also because of their support for one another and their drive to succeed in all that they do. This support has allowed the freshman of Manresa to continue pursuing strong roles at Fordham for their sophomore year.

Three of Manresa’s own students, Peter Vergara, Abigail Kedik, and Francesca Russo, have earned Resident Assistant positions for the upcoming year here in Loyola. These are three of four prized positions, and the competition for them was strong; however, given their knowledge and ability to create friendships not only with Manresa Scholars, but also students in many other residence halls, these three Scholars succeeded.

Because of the strong community that has been built within this year’s Manresa scholars, many of the current students have decided to join some of Fordham’s unique Integrated Learning Communities (ILCs), which are intentional living-learning communities with a specific focus, for their sophomore year. These include Global Business, West Wing, Wellness and the Sophomore Year Experience. All of these ILCs will continue to foster the students’ learning in a smaller environment where they can grow more relationships with not only the peers that they will be living with, but also connections with their professors as well.

Manresa Scholars are dedicated to their schoolwork and to improving the well-being of others through socializing, volunteering, and community involvement in the Fordham community. Please stay tuned for updates on highlighted upcoming events!

Liz Clark, GSB 2018  |  Manresa Scholar


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