Get to Know Next Year’s Staff: GSB Tutor Julianna Larwood

One of the many aspects of the Manresa Program that I enjoy is the emphasis on the first-year academic experience,1379412_433955610041810_981269876_n especially easing the transition from a high school to a college learning setting. As Manresa Scholars, we are provided various tools to help us succeed academically, the most prominent tool being the live-in tutors. There are four tutors, two from Fordham College at Rose Hill and two from the Gabelli School of Business. Each holds a minimum of ten office hours a week. In addition to those office hours, during which we can make an appointment for one-on-one or group tutoring sessions in any course subject, the tutors also hold various programs throughout the year, such as public speaking workshops or economics study sessions. One of the more unique programs this semester was a breakdown and discussion of the President’s State of the Union address.

The current tutors were not only a big help last semester when I needed clarification on a subject, but they are also who I will look to help me prepare for sophomore year. Next year, I will be one of the two Gabelli tutors. I will provide specific support in the Ground Floor course, which is the introduction to business class, as well as a potential Manresa course option for Gabelli students, as well as writing in general. I will also provide support in various liberal arts core courses, such as Theology and Composition II. Students will be able to reach out to me for tutoring sessions or for review and feedback via email. The other Gabelli tutor will provide specific support in Math, Economics, and Statistics courses, as well as liberal arts courses. I am extremely excited for this opportunity! 

Learning isn’t just about going to class and absorbing information; a major part of learning is sharing what you learned with others, and through working with future Manresa Scholars, I will be doing just that.

Future Scholars can look forward to my many program ideas, such as some Ground Floor-specific workshops, in addition to my tutoring duties, and I can’t wait to be spending another year in this community!

Julianna Larwood, GSB 2018
Manresa Scholar and 2015-2016 Live-in Tutor


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