Manresa Student Spotlight: Michael Megan, FCRH 2018

Attend mass at the University Church on Sunday nights and you might just catch a glimpse of the heavily-involved Michael 10322710_709643792459145_3573753417034695770_nMegan, an English major from outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Michael enjoys being involved with Campus Ministry, through which he acts as a Eucharistic Minister and a greeter. He says that he enjoyed doing it while in high school, and wanted to meet people with similar interests and add to the church community.

Besides the University Church, Michael also can be spotted frequently at Fordham’s student-run coffeehouse, Rodrigue’s, which he deems his favorite place on campus. At “Rod’s,” as he calls it, he spends his time making coffee and getting to talk to interesting people. He said that his interest in volunteering there arose during New Student Orientation, when he stepped inside of it and knew he “instantly wanted to be a part of it” because of its cool vibe.

Along with working at Rod’s and helping out with Campus Ministry, he, as his fellow teammates put it, is a “star” member of the Loyola Hall intramural volleyball team “Vicious and Delicious.” He said that he didn’t have much experience playing volleyball, but he and everyone on the team loved playing and had a lot of fun. The hard work seemed to pay off, as they ended up getting eighth place in the league.

Michael’s favorite memory from being in the Manresa Program and living in Loyola Hall was the Winter Ball, during which all the residents of the building joined together in the study commons for an evening of conversation and fun. “No one does what we do,” he says, referring to how we are all able to come together as a “wicked close community.” He fondly enjoys that night because we were all “able to be laid back” and just enjoy each other’s company.

Michael highly recommends that students consider being a part of the Manresa Program because it creates a group of like-minded people who want to balance academic excellence with good memories, such as the Winter Ball and other house-wide events. Keep reading through the following weeks to see more student spotlights on other Loyola residents like Michael!

Julianna Larwood, GSB 2018
Manresa Scholar and 2015-2016 Live-in Tutor


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