Meet Next Year’s Staff: RA Peter Vergara

My name is Peter Vergara, and I am in FCRH Class of 2018. I am from Madrid, Spain, 10273208_721737841224515_1094955495106646237_obut currently live in Mexico City. I intend to double major in Political Science and Art History, with a minor in Spanish Literature. Outside of the classroom, I am a member of United Student Government, a goalie for the Club Soccer team, and a Spanish tutor.

The Manresa Program has undoubtedly been the best aspect of my freshman year; it was actually the reason I attended Fordham after Dean Parmach told me about it last April. Manresa fosters a very strong sense of community, which, for an international student, is a dream come true. For instance, early in the year we created an intramural soccer team, made Loyola T-Shirts, had some practices, and made it into the playoffs. We had a huge crowd out for the last game, including Resident Director Alex and Jesuit Housemaster Fr. Phil! This bond extends into many aspects of school as we study, eat, and live together. It has been very easy to assimilate to college life as I live with like-minded students and excellent role models.

As an RA in Loyola, I hope to promote this sense of community with programs that help residents explore Fordham itself and New York City. Whether organizing a game of soccer or ultimate Frisbee with another dorm, or taking a field trip to Central Park, a museum, or another part of Manhattan. For instance, Loyola’s residents next year can look forward to a FIFA Tournament.

More about Manresa as a whole: it really encourages every student to bring their experiences to the table. Growing up abroad, I have been exposed to several cultures and ideas, and my Manresa course “Spanish Colonialism through Film” let me tailor my essays to incorporate my passion for South American and European art history. Fordham students learn quickly that the Jesuit mission extends beyond the classroom, and so does the Manresa Program. With service projects, trips to Manhattan, a tutoring program, weekly house mass, dorm talent shows, and more, Manresa ensures we grow as more than just students. I believe this is the core of the Manresa program: taking motivated freshmen and making them excellent scholars, without forgetting all other aspects of the human person.

Peter Vergara, FCRH 2018
Manresa Scholar and 2015-2016 Loyola Hall RA


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