Faces of Loyola: Aaron Banasiewicz

Aaron Michael BanasiewiczIMG_8739

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia

School and Major: Fordham College at Rose Hill, Undeclared

Fun Fact?
His favorite food of all time is Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream Ice Cream.

Why did Aaron choose Fordham?
“I chose Fordham because I got the cliché feeling everybody talks about when ‘it just feels right,'” says Aaron. “I felt that Fordham would best prepare me for life after college while helping me become a stronger, more aware individual, academically, socially, and spiritually. Fordham really felt special.”

What does Aaron do at Fordham?
Aaron is a member of the Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps. He is currently serving as a Fourth Class (F/C) Midshipman, which is the freshman position on the NYC NROTC Battalion. The NROTC prepares students for postgraduate commissioning. “By our graduation I’ll commission as an officer in the United States Navy,” says Aaron.

He is also a writer and cast member on Fordham’s Free Pizza Sketch Comedy Troupe.

What does the Manresa Program mean to Aaron?
Aaron credits the Manresa Program for helping him efficiently adjust into the Fordham community: “To be surrounded by so many incredibly intelligent and kind individuals made for an incredibly welcoming community that helped push me academically and socially,” he said. He like to extend the values of the Manresa community into his greater role on campus and in the external community. “I try to bring the ideas of passion and community from Manresa to the rest of the Fordham community by trying to make the most out of every experience and interaction on and off of campus.”

Kate Marinkovich, GSB 2018
Manresa Scholar


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