Faces of Loyola: Sarah Kimball

Sarah Kimballunnamed

Hometown: Simsbury, CT

School: Fordham College Rose Hill

Why did Sarah choose Fordham?
“Fordham was always my first choice school and I actually cried when I received my acceptance letter,” says Sarah. “It is in the most incredible city in the world and has the wholesomeness of being a strong and supportive community engaging in Jesuit education.”

What does Sarah do at Fordham?
Sarah is a very active all around campus. She is a social justice leader, a hall buddy, a hospitality minister, and a eucharistic minister. She participates in Fordham Flava (the hip-hop dance team), Ampersand (the literary and art magazine), and a ballroom dance club, however, she is currently spending most of her time dancing in Flava. “We just recently performed in the cafeteria and can’t wait to perform our show, “The Dark Side” on April 19th,” says Sarah. “You won’t want to miss it!”

What does the Manresa Program mean to Sarah?
For Sarah, the Manresa Program best demonstrates the Jesuit principle of being men and women for others. “We support, guide, and look out for one another and are simply great friends,” says Sarah. “Being a part of the Manresa community also means so much to me because I have met so many wonderful people in this program who constantly inspire to me to always be the best person I can be.”

Fun Fact?
Sarah has seen 14 plays (Broadway, off-Broadway, and Fordham) since coming to Fordham.

Kate Marinkovich, GSB 2018
Manresa Scholar


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