A Blooming Community: Manresa Opportunities for Service

The Manresa Program is often classified as a “community,” and while I find that completely true, the beauty of the programManresa Beach Cleanup 480^2 is that it doesn’t only emphasize the building’s community or Fordham’s community, but the surrounding community as well. There have been a plethora of community service opportunities through the program, and, in addition to those, many Manresa Scholars do volunteer work on their own.

Recently, many Scholars went to Fairfield, Connecticut, to participate in Fairfield University’s annual Hunger Clean Up. Emily Lozito, a Gabelli accounting major, volunteered that day and considered it an “extremely rewarding and awesome experience.” The group was assigned to work at the “ABC House” for teenaged boys. Because the owner’s son had passed away, the owner temporarily closed it because of the demanding upkeep. Now, willing to open, he worked with the Manresa students to clean up the house and do a little gardening to assure it passes state inspections.

In the fall, I went on another Manresa service project. This time we stayed a little closer to home, right here in the Bronx. We went up to the Pelham Bay Park area, where we worked with a local environmental society to cut down the invasive species that grew in the meadow area. While the work was slightly more laborious than my scrawny self had expected, I thought it was quite fulfilling to see the beautiful meadow after all our work.

Even if we choose not to go with the group, there are additional service days in the program and other opportunities through the university. For example, I tutor elementary school children once a week at a community center in the Crotona area of the Bronx, something I definitely find fun and worthwhile. My roommate, on the other hand, volunteers weekly at Murray-Weigel Hall, the Jesuit infirmary on campus, where she visits with a Jesuit for an hour. At Fordham and in the Manresa community, the opportunities to give back are endless.

Julianna Larwood, GSB 2018
Manresa Scholar and 2015-2016 Live-in Student Tutor


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