Faces of Loyola: William Corona

William Joseph Coronawill corona

Fairfield, Connecticut

School and Major?
Fordham College at Rose Hill. Undeclared, but considering a German minor for business purposes. He also has a lot of family that still lives in Germany.

Why did Will choose Fordham?
“I chose Fordham mostly for the Jesuit core principles. I attended a Jesuit high school and I have always been in favor of a well-rounded education with core requirements alongside a field-specific major or minor field of study. Also, the location with both New York City my home being a 45-minute train ride.”

What does Will do at Fordham?
Other than participating in the Manresa Program, Will is involved musically and athletically at Fordham. He plays in a band called Seabass and the Fellas. “We are a band of Fordham students that play around at different venues around Fordham.” Will has also been involved in intramurals at Fordham, playing on Loyola’s soccer and softball teams.

What does the Manresa Program mean to Will?
The most meaningful aspect of the Manresa program for Will is its modest size. “I always found that the best part of the Manresa community and Loyola Hall was the unique size of the program. While other buildings have too many kids to know each one individually, Loyola is conveniently sized that everyone in the building knows each other on a fairly personal level which creates an extremely close-knit community.”

Fun facts?
Will can play a variety of different instruments, including bass, guitar, drums, trombone, harmonica, ukelele, banjo and voice. He can also solve a Rubik’s cube in less than a minute.

Kate Marinkovich, GSB 2018
Manresa Scholar


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