Manresa & Pre-Law: A Natural Fit

As a Pre-Law student, I found the Manresa Program extremely helpful when thinking about the path I wanted my life toDAmato Shovel Service take.
Exposure to Ignatian themes such as social justice and being “a person for and with others” led me to aspire to a career as a Naval JAG attorney, to protect those who are dedicating their lives to our freedom. The Manresa Program also pointed my interests to environmental law. After doing park and beach cleanup service projects with Manresa, I realized that I would love to be able to advise corporations on environmental policy and on how to be more environmentally-friendly.

As both of these fields of interest are competitive ones, I often seek help from Dean Erin Burke, Director of Pre-Law Advising, to discuss internships, LSAT preparation, and resume tips. Not long ago, I was in her office watching her give my resume a make-over. Among her comments, she told me the community service hours I’ve compiled with the Manresa program are very impressive and stand out to law schools. Fordham’s Pre-Law Advising Program is unique in that given its 100% law school acceptance rate, Pre-Law students are often less focused on gaining acceptance into law school, but rather on more fully understanding careers in law, and gaining admission to law schools with strong programs and job placement, often with generous financial support.

Thanks to the Manresa Program and Pre-Law Advising, I have a direction for my life, based on a passion to promote peace and justice. I hope to join the other Fordham alumni who have “set the world on fire” before me.

Gabbi D’Amato, FCRH 2017
Manresa Scholar, 2013-2014


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