Faces of Loyola: Charlie Shea

Charles Callaway Francis SheaIMG_4829 (1)

Tewksbury, New Jersey

School and Major?
Fordham College Rose Hill; major in Communications with a concentration in New Media, minor in Marketing

Why did Charlie choose Fordham?
“My great great uncle was the president! My grandfather also went here too. I chose Fordham for those reasons, obviously, as well as the generic reason like it being in New York City and being a great school.”

What does Charlie do at Fordham?
Charlie is well known across campus for his involvement as an intramural referee. “Mostly, I referee intramurals and get yelled at by people a lot around campus for it,” says Charlie. “I am the intramural guy.”

What does the Manresa Program mean to Charlie?
For Charlie, the Manresa program emulates a great standard for the value of kindness. “Being in the Manresa Program means to me that I just have to try to treat everyone well, and with respect, whether or not I even know them,” says Charlie.

Fun facts?
“I was on TV for the Scripps National Spelling Bee when I was in 6th grade. I got out on ‘synchronous’. I left out the H. It’s a silly word anyway.”

Kate Marinkovich, GSB 2018
Manresa Scholar


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