Get to Know Next Year’s Staff: FCRH Tutor Katie Labonte

After spending the last year in London, I am ecstatic to return to the position of FCRH Tutor for the Manresa Scholars IMG_3892Program! I am double-majoring in Political Science and Middle East Studies with a minor in Theology and concentrations on international development and democratic transitions. As a tutor, I specialize in English, History, Political Science, Philosophy, and Theology, and can be especially helpful in the essay-writing and exam preparation process. I am also a veteran of the Manresa Scholars program and have plenty of experience in the transition to collegiate-level academics, so fear not!

As a freshman Manresa Scholar, I found the tutors to be an invaluable resource and hope to do the same in the coming year. I will hold regularly scheduled office hours throughout the week, during which students can stop by with any assignment questions they may have, or work on more in-depth queries. I am also available, by appointment, outside of my office hours. In addition to office hours, I will be coordinating and running academic-related programs throughout the year centring around relevant themes such as “Adjusting to College-Level Academics,” and “Surviving Your First Exams,” as well as workshops on paper-writing and effective course reading.

The learning process in college, especially at a Jesuit university such as Fordham, goes beyond teaching in the classroom, in keeping with the Jesuit tenet of “Magis” or “more.” This is why the tutors are an important resource for students to utilise throughout their time at Fordham — we are here to help you succeed and get the most out of your time as Manresa Scholars!

Katie Labonte, FCRH 2016
FCRH Live-in Student Tutor, 2015-2016


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