Get to Know Next Year’s Staff: Student Intern Nicole Benevento

In the Manresa Scholars Program, one of our main goals is to create different events for our students that draw on threeIMG_3653 specific areas of University life at Fordham: academic, spiritual, and recreational. We try to organize programs that combine all of these areas to create a full and well-rounded college experience. Behind the scenes, the Manresa staff works hard all year in order to make this ideal a reality.

My name is Nicole Benevento, and I am an incoming junior at Fordham College at Rose Hill. I have a double major in English and Italian with a minor in Marketing, and I am Manresa’s Student Intern for 2015-2016. When I am not planning Manresa’s programs alongside Dean Parmach, I am also an active member of Campus Ministry. I am a student sacristan who helps set up masses during the week and on the weekend, as well as a Eucharistic Minister. I am also a Faculty Advisor Student Assistant (FASA) to Manresa Professor Fr. Thomas Scirghi, S.J., a role in which I help Manresa Scholars assimilate into college-level work.

As the Manresa Intern for next year, I will work in order to ensure that incoming Scholars have the same incredible experience in the program that I had my freshman year. We want to have our students’ opinions heard. So please, future Manresa Scholars, if you have any ideas about programs and possible events, feel free to seek me out, and I can make them happen. I look forward to making your Manresa experience one to remember.

Nicole Benevento, FCRH 2017
Manresa Student Intern, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016


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