Welcome Home: A Note from a Recent Manresa Scholar

To the newest members of the Manresa legacy,

Each of you share one very special similarity – you’ll remember Loyola Hall as your first home away from home. Loyola is a very dear place in the hearts of many sophomores. Manresa is a program that allows each student to interact with many different people, to both socialize and study under one roof, and to feel loved like family. New members, please continue this special atmosphere and fill it with a new era of love and friendship.

You will notice upon moving in that living in Loyola Hall is a huge privilege. You are undeniably the luckiest kids of the freshman class. However, that does not warrant you the right to act spoiled. Your Loyola home is there to be shared. Invite friends to spend time in your room and invite classmates to study with you in the Study and Social Commons. The Loyola family is not, and should never be, an exclusive one.

A beautiful building is far from the best thing this experience will offer you. The Manresa program is a perfect blend of academics and extraordinary experiences. For one, you’ll get the chance to learn in a class size of no more than 15 people, while inside your residence hall. You’ll be challenged by a curriculum far different than anything you’ve ever experienced, and you’ll be positively influenced by other’s motivation to succeed. You’ll be structured by a staff that truly makes things happen, and you’ll be offered opportunities to participate in both service and recreational activities for the first time. You’ll grow close with Dean Parmach and other staff members, each more than willing to help you in every aspect of your Fordham career. Finally, you’ll be surrounded by a wide range of individuals, each tethered to you by the most unique of familial ties.

Take advantage of everything this program has to offer. Wake up early for Saturday service projects. Make close connections with your professors, Dean Parmach, and Resident Director Alex Fischer. Attend weekly mass with your housemates and resident housemaster, Fr. Lito Salazar, S.J. Study hard, make friends, be open to all people. Continue to make Manresa the influential program it is. Congrats! You’re going to love it.

Caroline Deakin, FCRH 2018

Manresa Scholar, 2014-2015


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