West Wing ILC: Manresa’s Upperclass Partner in Jesuit Education

The West Wing Integrated Learning Community (WW-ILC) is a co-curricular living-learning community for nearly forty sophomores and juniors enrolled in both Fordham College at Rose Hill and the Gabelli School of Business. Our students are enrolled in a 1-credit seminar that meets once weekly to discuss current events, public policy problems, and Ignatian spirituality. Dr. Robert J. Hume, Professor of Political Science, teaches the seminar, along with Dean Robert Parmach, the FCRH Freshman Dean.

The WW-ILC and the Manresa Scholars Program interact extensively for academic, spiritual, and social programming, and share common goals. Many Manresa Scholars end up taking part in WW-ILC during their sophomore year.

There are three components to the WW-ILC – the first being academic. The students come prepared every Tuesday night to engage with one another on the readings and other materials for class. The second component is community; all of the students enrolled in the class live together in one wing of O’Hare Hall. They get to know one another both in the classroom and in their hall. The third component is service – students are expected to complete at least two community service projects each semester. IMG_0167

This year’s first service project was park restoration project at Mullaly Park, just north of Yankee Stadium, with the non-profit group, The Bronx is Blooming. Just a week into school, our students were working with one another pulling weeds, mulching, and wheel-barrowing side by side on a Saturday afternoon. We were able to see how much we could accomplish in a short period of time when we work together on a single goal. We were able to interact with residents of the area who were playing soccer, basketball, and walking through the park, as well as other student volunteers from Lehman, Monroe, and Hostos College. Within just a few hours, the park was transformed into a neat, beautiful, and healthy garden for the residents of the South Bronx to enjoy for months to come. By working with and for our fellow members of the Bronx community, we were reminded of our Ignatian call to be men and women for others.

Bridget Brennan, FCRH 2016
WW-ILC Resident Assistant and Student Intern, 2014-15 & 2015-16


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