Manresa Alumni Spotlight: Frank Chaparro and Rob Palazzolo

In the Manresa Program, we are cultivate, and are proud of, our Scholars’ professional involvement, both during and after their freshman year in the Program. We recognize two Manresa alumni for their outstanding achievements in the field of journalism: Frank Chaparro and Rob Palazzolo (FCRH 2017).index

Frank and Rob are both finalists in the New York State Associated Press Association’s 2015 contest. Frank is a finalist for the professional NYC division, Division I Radio- Best News Series and for the Chris Ulanowski Memorial Award for Best News Story in the College Radio Division. Rob is also a finalist for the Chris Ulanowski Memorial Award, and for the Bill Leaf Memorial Award for Best Regularly Scheduled Local News Program under the College Radio Division. They will receive their awards during the NYSAPA awards banquet on Saturday, June 4th.

These two bright, motivated alumni explain that their experience as Manresa Scholars was formative of their present accomplishments and interest in journalism.

As Frank explains, “The thing that first interested me in journalism was the story telling aspect. I’ve always had a knack for it and WFUV provides me with a platform to tell stories that educate and entertain our listening audience. I hope one day I’ll be able to bring the skills I learned at Fordham to NPR or WNYC.”  He adds that “Manresa embedded in me an appreciation for diversity in all forms. At WFUV, I always try to capture a diversity of opinions and backgrounds in my work. The drive to do so is a result of Manresa.”

While Frank is looking to remain connected to his journalistic roots, Rob is looking to explore other fields. He explains:

Two things made me interested in pursuing journalism in college: my insatiable curiosity and my interest in politics and current affairs. I’ve decided now that I’d prefer to move in a slightly different direction, and work in the field of policy and government itself—basically, working for the types of people and organizations we usually interview for our news coverage.

Rob also recounts some of the great opportunities that Manresa offered him, and how the Program even enabled him to secure a short-term job.  According to him, “The Manresa Program helped me branch out and find all kinds of fascinating opportunities. The instructor for my Manresa course, Dr. Beth Knobel [Assistant Professor of Communication & Media Studies], connected me to a research assistantship with Dr. Patrick Hornbeck [Associate Professor and Chair of Theology], when he was Al-Jazeera’s on-air analyst for the Pope’s visit.”

The Manresa faculty and staff looks forward to hearing more about Frank and Rob’s future accomplishments, and warmly congratulates both.

Nicole Benevento, FCRH 2017
Manresa Scholars Program Intern, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016
In-House Academic Tutor, 2016-2017


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