TEDx Manresa Showcases Eloquentia Perfecta

The experiences I gained in eloquentia perfecta, magis, and cura personalis during my year living in Loyola Hall all culminated perfectly in the TEDx Manresa event organized by Tutors Katie Labonte and Ryan Gilligan. When I first heard that the program was being IMG_4765held, I applied immediately. I love sharing ideas and was enthusiastic about doing so in front of such a tightly-knit and welcoming community.

In the weeks leading up to our TEDx speeches,  four other Manresa Scholars and I worked tirelessly with Tutors Katie and Ryan. The tutors were extremely helpful in teaching us how to better our speaking and writing skills. Both took time out of their busy schedules to meet with us privately to edit our individual speeches. Besides the tutors themselves, the students in the TEDx program helped each other with brainstorming ideas and forming cogent arguments.

As for my own speech, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to speak on the topic of feminism. At first, a movement that many had radicalized was a challenge to relate to Jesuit teachings, until I realized that Jesuits, too, had at one point or another seemed radical to society. In order to make feminism more relatable to my peers, I decided to argue that cura personalis, or the Jesuit idea of care for the whole person, cannot be realized without feminism. The idea was well-received by my four other peers in the TEDx program, and without their support and advice I would not have been able to deliver the speech that I did.

The TEDx Manresa program was a huge success. Over fifty Manresa Scholars and faculty attended the event, and every presenter eloquently offered their personal, thoughtful insight into their unique topic. I owe a great thanks to Tutors Katie and Ryan as well as this community as a whole. The TEDx program as well as my year as a Manresa Scholar allowed me to pursue my passions while pushing me to explore new intellectual endeavors by valuing logical arguments and using my new skills in eloquentia perfecta.

Julia D’Ambrosio, FCRH 2019
Manresa Scholar, 2015-2016


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