Manresa Shared Expectations: An Introduction

As a Manresa Scholar and a member of this living and learning community, you will attend Manresa Wheelbarrow Servicea variety of engaging and meaningful programs. The programming model is broken down into five categories, each of which embody a part of the Ignatian spirit: learning, sharing, collaborating, serving, and reflecting. Designed to integrate Ignatian values with course content, these programs will challenge you to think critically and make meaningful connections. Over the next year, you and your Manresa classmates will develop Ignatian life skills, which will serve you well in your roles as a young adult and as a young scholar.

Commitment to education and passion for quality are traits of Manresa Scholars. Academic evening programs facilitated by the live-in Manresa tutors will assist you as a student, as you write your first college paper, and handle the stresses of exams.  

Dinner colloquia led by Manresa professors and outside speakers will enrich your academic experience by connecting course content with Ignatian values and relevant issues. Past topics included “Love,” “Reasonable Faith,” and “The Social Media Self.” The speaker engages in discussion with you and fellow Scholars over a shared meal.

Similar to the Sharing dinner colloquia, Collaborating programs are cross-seminar dinner colloquia, led by professors of two different Manresa courses.  These discussions will demonstrate the connections between seemingly dissimilar disciplines, such as philosophy and biology.

Service to others and a sense of responsibility for the life of society are integral parts of the Manresa program and Ignatian spirit. Whether you’re serving food to homeless individuals or participating in a local park clean up, you will find yourself involved in serving both your Fordham community and the surrounding Bronx community.

As a Manresa Scholar, you will question difficult topics such as ethics, justice, and fairness. Through reflecting events, often organized in part with Fordham’s Campus Ministry, you will explore the faith-based aspect of the Manresa program. Examples include programs run by Manresa’s Jesuit House Master, Fr. Lito Salazar, S.J., spiritual meditation sessions, and roundtable discussions with retired Jesuits.

Next week, look out for a post explaining how these programs tie into your academic Manresa course through a set of exercises you’ll complete called Ignatian Reflection Papers.

Anja Asato, FCRH 2018
Manresa Marketing and Programming Fellow, 2016-2017


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