Welcome to Your First Fordham Family

Fordham values people. The Manresa Scholars Program is a manifestation of this belief in
practice. First, congratulations on all the work that you have accomplished thus far. Second, welcome to the Fordham Family and the Manresa Program. 

Being a part of this Integrated Learning Community provides you with a support system to grow and learn with here at Fordham. The memories of my time as a Manresa Scholar are not about grand achievements; they are about the development of friendships, the simpler and less flashy moments of learning and reflection, and the satisfaction of growing as a person.

My experiences as a  Manresa Scholar exemplify the community that the Manresa program builds. The first weekend of the semester, Dean Parmach took about thirty of us to kayak on the Hudson River. The day developed into a full excursion in New York City, when some of us decided to get food and walk around Midtown together. We ate burgers, sat in Bryant Park and even learned how to juggle. That day marks the beginning of the development of my Fordham Family.

Post-Kayaking Group Photo Bryant Park

Manresa Scholars enjoy Manhattan’s Bryant Park after kayaking on the Hudson River.

There are many other moments that, although smaller, are just as meaningful and memorable. The Lip Sync Battle that our Residence Hall Association board hosted was a bonding moment for my roommates and I. Similarly, twenty of us bonded over pasta and meatballs after Jesuit Housemaster Fr. Lito’s Thursday night Mass, when he let us cook dinner in his apartment.

Although the events and programs created a community among the Manresa Scholars, the courses that we took together united us through study groups and discussions. Right before finals, about half of our Texts & Contexts: Jesuit Cross-Cultural Encounters Manresa course got together and discussed The Sparrow over a 1 AM order of Pugsley’s pizza. In moments like this, I came to understand the importance of having a community, a place where students can live together and grow academically as well as socially. 

I encourage you to go to programs, utilize your classmates to work together, get to know your Manresa professor/advisor, because they can be one of your greatest advocates.

Enjoy your freshman year as a Manresa Scholar.

Elizabeth Crennan, FCRH 2019
Manresa Scholar, 2015-2016
VP of Finance, United Student Government, 2016-2017


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