A Look Into Manresa Academic Advising

Manresa Scholars set high academic goals for themselves. Whether you’ve decided on your major or not, navigating your academic career can be a challenging task. Academic advising at Fordham helps students to achieve their academic potential by providing aid and guidance in course selection and registration, academic performance, and adjustment to university-level classes. Manresa advising goes beyond this by infusing the Manresa mission into the advising experience, and enriching collaboration between Manresa students and professors.

In the Manresa Program, if you are in Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH), your advising will be even more individualized as your Core Advisor is also your Manresa seminar professor. For Gabelli School of Business (GABELLI) students, your advisor will be Dean Totino, the Freshman Dean, who collaborates closely with your Manresa seminar professor, Dr. DiLorenzo.

During FCRH Core Advising sessions, for example, you and your fellow FCRH Manresa Scholars will attend large-group cohort advising meetings in Loyola Hall. Faculty Advisor Student Assistants (FASAs), all of whom are current students and Manresa alumni, will lead breakout discussions following interactive presentations by Manresa Core Advisors. FASAs can share their experiences with you, and provide advice from a student perspective. In addition to these group advising sessions, you will have periodic one-on-one meetings with your Core Advisor to ask any individual questions. GABELLI also uses a similar system of peer mentors.

Whether you are FCRH or GABELLI, you will meet your academic advisor during Academic Orientation on Monday, August 29. Until then, take a look at our Program Faculty on the Manresa Program website.

Anja Asato, FCRH 2018
Marketing and Programming Fellow, 2016-2017


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