Manresa Scholars Make Themselves at Home

Loyola Hall welcomed the Manresa Scholars of the Class of 2020 on Sunday, as students were greeted by the cheers of the New Student Orientation team, helpful instruction from the Residential Life staff, and smiles from the Program’s faculty.

The fact that Manresa is a Integrated Learning Community (ILC), where living and learning is centered on the Jesuit mission, is evident from the moment students step through the door. Students met their Resident Assistants (RAs) and received their room keys in Loyola Study Commons, a space which will foster personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth over their freshman year.

The Study Commons is where students will gather as a community for engaging conversations and dinners with faculty and guest speakers. In addition, students may find themselves attending weekly mass with Loyola Housemaster Rev. Lito Salazar, S.J., in the Loyola Chapel, which is located within the Study Commons, or meeting in groups to study before exams.

After a warm welcome, students and their families headed upstairs to their new rooms, where students met their roommates and fellow scholars and neighbors. Thanks to the New Student Orientation Team, parents and students didn’t have to worry about carrying all their belongings. The student team happily delivered bags, boxes, and belongings to the doorway so new students could focus on getting organized and acclimated to the new environment.

During move-in, students were pleasantly surprised when Dean Robert Parmach, Freshman Dean of Fordham College Rose Hill, or Dean Marisa Totino, Freshman Dean of the Gabelli School of Business, popped their heads in for a quick introduction and hello.

Exciting programs await during the next week, including a Manresa Welcome Picnic, excursions into New York City, and “College Life: Alleviating Stress and Making Yourself at Home,” a dinner-discussion with Prof. Rachel Annunziato.

Anja Asato, FCRH 2018
Manresa Marketing and Programming Fellow, 2016-2017


Dean Parmach (far left) and Dean Totino (far right) welcome new Manresa Scholars and their families to Loyola Hall.


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