A Hidden Gem: Manresa Scholars Clean Up Bartow-Pell Park

Thirteen Manresa Scholars spent this past Saturday morning at the Bartow-Pell Park in Pelham Bay, involving a quick bus ride and about a half-mile walk. According to the volunteers at the park, the grounds and its structures have been standing since the 1800s. We started off the day with a history lesson, learning the importance of the grounds and structures that we were there to maintain. Our leader spoke about the Bartow Family and the history of the grounds.

The grounds are truly a hidden gem in the Bronx. From the spiral staircase, to the sculpture garden, to the horse stables, there is beauty everywhere. On Saturday, our primary focus was weeding and adding fresh mulch to protect a delicate patch of daisies, as well as the paths in the front of the property. It was a great afternoon of stewardship, community, and true Ignatian service.

The Manresa Scholars had a great time, despite the hot sun and sweltering heat. It was all smiles, all around. The Scholars found creative ways to keep their work interesting and stay motivated. For example, they raced Dean Parmach on the grounds with wheelbarrows filled with mulch! It was a meaningful, fun-filled day, and the Manresa community is already looking forward to returning in October.

Daniel Stroie, GABELLI 2017
Loyola Hall Resident Assistant, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017



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