Imagining and Discovering College Life

In the Manresa Scholars Program, we reflect on how Ignatian principles like imagination and discovery impact our day to day lives. Such concepts are essential to scholarly inquiry, as well. In “Introduction to Behavioral Health,” we explore research methods that are used to answer questions in psychology and medicine. This learning is then applied in our class project. Last year, Manresa Scholars devised a study on the association between well-being and healthy lifestyle engagement in college.

We found that exercise and healthy eating were indeed intertwined with happiness and stress. It was exciting to see data to espouse the importance of considering mind-body interactions as we discuss in class and more broadly see embraced in Manresa. These findings were presented as a poster at Fordham’s Undergraduate Research Symposium and we are now preparing an abstract submission to the Eastern Psychological Association annual meeting.


This year’s Scholars chose to continue investigating well-being among college students. Specifically, our class project will focus on links between social connectedness and quality of life. This topic also reflects being a part of Manresa and the strong ties to the program and Loyola community that cultivate a deep sense of connectedness. In developing these studies, we excitingly can use our imagination for discovery of answers to questions that have been sparked by our new experiences.

Rachel Annunziato, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology

Manresa Program Faculty Member (2015-2016 and 2016-2017)


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