Scholars Reflect in Goshen, NY

Manresa Scholars took a break from the stresses of campus life for an overnight retreat in Goshen, NY, where they reflected on their transition to university-level classes, spiritual growth, and life at Fordham.

Fordham’s retreat house in Goshen served as a beautiful location for communal and personal reflection. Nestled in wooded surroundings, the Goshen Retreat House is a special place to nourish the mind, body, and soul. Students relaxed and escaped the demands of the semester through some guided meditations, conversations, shared meals, and outdoor nature walks.


Manresa Faculty Director and FCRH Freshman Dean, Dr. Robert Parmach, led the retreat, along with Resident Director Matt Dishman, and Manresa Psychology Faculty Member, Dr. Rachel Annunziato. Students discussed the ways in which they envisioned themselves at college, finding their place at Fordham with new friends and activities, and what they’ve learned about themselves in the process.

Fordham is a Jesuit university that encourages students to explore faith. As such, faith was an important topic of conversation. After a pizza dinner and getting to know each other in a less formal setting, the group examined the importance of critically evaluating faith, and the ways in which students explored their faith through Manresa programs and university activities thus far.

Students also discussed values, family, and inspiration. One of the biggest changes for freshmen can be the constant state of being surrounded by roommates, friends, and peers, and always having classwork or a club meeting or event to attend. Each student proposed a single word to remember each day to remind themselves of what their focus is at college and how they can live fulfilled and well-rounded college lifestyles.

Anja Asato, FCRH 2018
Manresa Marketing and Programming Fellow, 2016-2017


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