Breakfast with CBS News

Hard-hitting journalism, dedication to ethics, and finding your passion all take guts. Guest speakers Dick Brennan (GABELLI ’83) and Alice Gainer (FCRH ’04), award-winning news anchors/reporters for WCBS-TV, sat down with Manresa for a special breakfast Keyword Colloquium on “guts.”

Brennan and Gainer each spoke about the unexpected paths you may take through college and post-graduation, and how their Fordham education has stayed with them throughout their careers. Asking hard questions, holding people in power accountable, and upholding the integrity of journalism in this tumultuous time are central to their work. While these are difficult tasks, they stressed the importance of their Jesuit education in guiding them through this period.

Students gained insights and tips for entering the journalism field. Network, make connections, and intern were points that they stressed. Similar to a few of the Manresa Scholars present, both Brennan and Gainer worked on WFUV, Fordham’s award-winning radio station, during their college years.

Kindness and being nice to anyone you encounter is something that has been important in both of their careers. Whether interviewing a cannibal cop, local politician, or the average New Yorker, everyone is treated with the same sense of respect. This is a trait that Manresa Scholars can apply in their daily lives and any field they decide to pursue.

“Why not me?” Brennan’s question was perhaps one of the most important take-aways of the morning. As capable students and community members, Manresa Scholars should have confidence in themselves and their abilities. Whether you’re applying for an internship or competing for an award, it’s important to put yourself out there. It takes guts, but it can make the difference in discovering your passion, and pursuing that passion.

Anja Asato, FCRH 2018
Marketing and Programming Fellow, 2016-2017


Manresa Scholars with Brennan (third from left) and Gainer (fourth from left) at the CBS Breakfast.


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