Meet the Staff: Manresa Fellow Lindsey Register

My name is Lindsey Register, and I am Manresa’s Programming and Marketing Fellow for the 2017-2018 academic year. I am a rising sophomore double majoring in Communications & Culture and Environmental Studies. I was also a member of the Manresa Program in my freshman year!thumb_img_1765_1024-1

I am a rower for the Fordham Women’s Rowing team and spend every morning before class out on the Harlem River. I also serve as an editor for the Fordham Maroon yearbook. I love going into the city to try new foods, explore the Met, or stop in for a Soul Cycle class. In the Bronx, you can usually find me either wandering the Botanical Gardens or set up studying in Dagger John’s on campus.

As the Programming and Marketing Fellow, I will be working alongside Dean Parmach and the Manresa staff to plan and coordinate the Shared Expectation programs for the Class of 2021 Manresa Scholars. I am excited to continue my relationship with the Manresa community through a different role, and am looking forward to creating an engaging and memorable experience for the new Scholars starting in the fall!


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