Packing for Life in Loyola

Packing for college is one of the most exciting, yet intimidating, processes you have probably faced thus far in your life. As a Loyola Hall alumna, I came to appreciate the occasional items that don’t initially cross your mind when trying to stock your room with all of the must-haves. I have compiled a personal list of the top ten most helpful items I had in my Loyola room, to pass on to you, the new Manresa Scholars!

1. Umbrella and Rain Boots
I faced my fair share of random rain showers to torrential downpours last year. Whether for a simple walk from Loyola to the Caf, a trek across campus to Faculty Memorial Hall, or even passing through Times Square to get to a Broadway show, my foldable umbrella and trusty rain boots never let me down.


2. Reusable Water Bottle
Living in Loyola Hall comes with the luxury of your own sink in your room! With easy access to tap water in your room, as well as water bottle filling stations throughout campus, having a reusable water bottle is key to staying hydrated throughout the day.

3. Beach Towel
Laying out on the grass on Eddie’s Parade on a towel or blanket allows for the opportunity to hang out with your friends or study outside on a nice day.


4. Printer
Having a printer in my room came in handy when having to print a paper or reading for class. There are Fordham printers on campus; however, having your own makes sure that you are always prepared.

5. Command Strips
I loved being able to quickly hang a picture or poster on the wall to add to my room decor. Command Strips, as well as hooks for jackets and towels, are a great addition to your room supplies.


6. Door Stop
Loyola Hall doors are heavy and can only be opened with your key – having a door stop to prop open the entrance to your room makes it easy for friends to come in and out.

7. Games
My friends and I held weekly “family game nights” in the Seminar Rooms of Loyola – packing your favorite board game or fun card games from home is a great way to bring everyone together.

8. ID Holder
Having your student ID card handy 24/7 is key to getting on campus, entering your residence hall, or swiping into the Caf. I kept mine in an ID holder attached to my lanyard and room key for easy access.

9. Cold Medicine
At least once a semester, there comes a point where almost everyone on campus seems to have come down with a cold – stocking up on your preferred cold medicines beforehand helps to keep you prepared and healthy.

10. Ultimate Snack Stash
A stash of your favorite snacks from home allows for comfort in study breaks as well as a great sharing opportunity with friends. Exposing my northerner friends to the taste of Old Bay seasoning was a great bridge between my Maryland and New York life!

Lindsey Register, FCRH 2020
Manresa Programming & Marketing Fellow, 2017-2018


Faces of Loyola: Loyola Hall RHA Board

These five faces are faces you both hear and see a lot in Loyola: the Loyola Hall RHA Board.

The acronym RHA stands for Residence Halls Association, a student government that presides over residential life at colleges across the country. The Loyola Hall RHA board consists of Jon Perroni (President), Kate Marinkovich (Vice-President), Erin Shanahan (Programmer), Kelly Sullivan (Secretary) and Dean Ward (Treasurer). The purpose of an RHA board is to organize and host programs for their residence hall. The board’s goal in Loyola Hall is to foster the Manresa program’s principles. Programs are frequent and fun, inclusive and diverse, and keep the Manresa community involved in the Fordham community.

Programs range from talents shows to breakfast. Last week, RHA hosted a “Throwback Thursday” event, where residents played childhood board games and ate snacks like fruit-by-the-foot and goldfish. Last night, they hosted an event called “Loyola Hall Coffeehouse,” where residents gathered to perform music or poetry for their fellow peers. This event was made open to other freshmen residence halls as well, which maintains the board’s goal of keeping the Manresa values integrated into the rest of Fordham. Other events are held in part of larger, campus-wide events. In the weeks leading up to the Fordham Dance Marathon, the board hosted a series of fundraising programs to prepare Loyola for the event. The most successful and well-attended program hosted by the board is the “Loyola Hall Talent Show.” This program is hosted once per season, and include a set list of 20 or so residents performing talents ranging from improv to original music compositions.

The nature of the Manresa program makes RHA’s job easy, and according to RHA, they owe all of their success to it. “The accessible and family-like nature of the Manresa community has made programming so simple,” said Erin Shanahan. “The success of our events this year cannot only be attributed to our board’s efforts; rather, the willing and supportive Loyola residents who consistently wanted to participate in our events. They deserve the credit for Loyola’s RHA success.”

Kate Marinkovich, GSB 2018
Manresa Scholar and Loyola Hall RHA Vice-President

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