A Memorable Spring Semester

The 2016-2017 Manresa Scholars have officially completed their freshman year as Fordham Rams. This year has been filled with rigorous academics, engaged service-learning, and dedication to the Manresa-Loyola Hall community. As Scholars embark on new adventures as upperclassmen, we are confident that the lessons they’ve learned with Manresa will serve them well.

Fordham’s President, Fr. McShane, spent an evening speaking with Manresa Scholars on the topic of “Love” and the “Fordham Family.” A personal conversation with Fr. McShane is a special Fordham experience that Scholars will reminisce about throughout their time at Fordham and after graduation.


During the NYC Urban Immersion Spring Break Service Project, a group of Manresa Scholars took part in service-learning projects and explored issues such as economic inequality, while practicing simple living for a meaningful and reflective experience.

Urban Immersion 1.JPG

Manresa Scholars visited Bartow-Pell Park in the Bronx twice this semester, once to clean up the park grounds and again to help facilitate their annual Easter Egg Hunt.


Manresa professors concluded the year’s dinner-colloquium series with a “Last Lecture.” Each professor shared their most valued piece of wisdom with Manresa Scholars before they embark on new journeys as upperclassmen.


Scholars took a break from finals to celebrate the end-of-the-year on the Manresa patio to enjoy burritos and the warm weather.



Manresa Fall Semester Highlights

The Manresa experience is filled with academic, spiritual, and personal growth. This past semester, Manresa Scholars had the opportunity to attend over 35 programs focusing on the five Shared Expectations: Sharing, Collaborating, Serving, Reflecting, and Learning.

These evening and weekend enrichment programs are carefully planned to complement what Scholars learn in their Manresa Seminars, while providing additional opportunities for them to come together as a community.


Copy of File_005.jpeg

Manresa Scholars took a trip into Manhattan for kayaking on the Hudson River during the first weekend of the semester.



Manresa Resident Assistants, Resident Tutors, and Jesuit Housemaster Fr. Lito Salazar, S.J., enjoyed the Manresa Welcome Picnic, an annual tradition.



Scholars spent a Sunday volunteering at St. Francis Xavier parish, serving food to those in need.



Dean Robert Parmach, the Program’s Faculty Director, took a group of Scholars to explore Central Park on a Friday afternoon.



VP for Mission Integration and Planning Fr. Michael McCarthy, S.J., led a dinner colloquium on the topic of “Immersion,” in which Scholars discussed being part of both the Fordham and Bronx community.



Scholars visited Bartow-Pell Park in the Bronx twice this semester to clean up the park grounds and assist with their annual Harvest Festival for young children.



In collaboration with Campus Ministry’s Ignatian Week, Dean Parmach and Fr. Lito led a colloquium on “Unpacking the Millennial Digitized Mind” to prompt reflection on how social media impacts the ways we think and interact with others.



The Manresa Community celebrated the end of the semester with a formal Christmas Party.

Imagining and Discovering College Life

In the Manresa Scholars Program, we reflect on how Ignatian principles like imagination and discovery impact our day to day lives. Such concepts are essential to scholarly inquiry, as well. In “Introduction to Behavioral Health,” we explore research methods that are used to answer questions in psychology and medicine. This learning is then applied in our class project. Last year, Manresa Scholars devised a study on the association between well-being and healthy lifestyle engagement in college.

We found that exercise and healthy eating were indeed intertwined with happiness and stress. It was exciting to see data to espouse the importance of considering mind-body interactions as we discuss in class and more broadly see embraced in Manresa. These findings were presented as a poster at Fordham’s Undergraduate Research Symposium and we are now preparing an abstract submission to the Eastern Psychological Association annual meeting.


This year’s Scholars chose to continue investigating well-being among college students. Specifically, our class project will focus on links between social connectedness and quality of life. This topic also reflects being a part of Manresa and the strong ties to the program and Loyola community that cultivate a deep sense of connectedness. In developing these studies, we excitingly can use our imagination for discovery of answers to questions that have been sparked by our new experiences.

Rachel Annunziato, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology

Manresa Program Faculty Member (2015-2016 and 2016-2017)

A Note from Manresa Director, Dean Robert Parmach

Dear Prospective Manresa Scholar,


Robert J. Parmach, Ph.D.
Manresa Faculty Director and
FCRH Freshman Dean

As you finalize your college plans and look with excitement towards next year, I write to encourage you to explore Fordham’s signature Manresa Scholars Program. The Manresa Program is a vibrant and enriching living-learning opportunity for incoming FCRH and GSB students who, from the start, want to fuse their academic pursuits, spiritual growth, and social development in meaningful and enduring ways.

In Manresa, you’ll take a fall seminar core course with one of Fordham’s finest faculty members, learn about Ignatian spirituality, and do things like kayak on the Hudson River with new friends and learn the foundations of personal finance from a bank VP. More and more, incoming students tell me that Manresa was one of the main reasons why they chose to attend Fordham.

I invite you to read through this Manresa student blog, and let your peers tell you about why Manresa is special to them. They highlight some of their most meaningful and fun experiences in the Program this year, introduce themselves and their roles in the community, and reflect on the kinds of students who thrive here. For more detailed information on the Program, take a look at our Program website, http://www.fordham.edu/manresa. Feel free to contact the relevant staff members listed on our website with any questions you may have. The website also contains information about applying to Manresa. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you on campus next year.


Dean Parmach

Words of Wisdom: Part II

Manresa Scholars,

As we move into the second month of the semester, I am sure that most, if not all of you, have developed a comfortable, daily routine. You know when you are going to eat, study, sleep (well, maybe not so much the last one) but at the same time you may be feeling the stresses of college, namely the academic and social. For those of you that relate to this, it becomes quite easy to slip into a solipsistic mindset, in that you draw your attention solely towards yourself. I do not say this accusatorially; I too have been guilty of this on more than one occasion. Others seem to get in your way, perpetuating the problems that permeate your life and you are left wondering “Why me?” While this may be an understandable response, I urge you not to allow it to become a permanent one. Instead of steeping in self-pity, realize that the very people you see as a nuisance may be having the same experience as you.

Below you will find a commencement speech given by the late David Foster Wallace entitled, “This is Water”. Take a few minutes to read what Wallace has to say and as you do, try to keep in mind what it means to be truly self-aware. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Ryan Gilligan, FCRH 2015  |  Manresa Student Tutor


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